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Too and Enough 

"Too" is used to show a higher degree than is desirable and "Enough" is used to show the required degree or extent. "Too" is an adverb that can be used before an adjective to intensify it. "Enough" can play different roles depending on a sentence.




I think the test is too difficult for me. 

I'm afraid I have too many responsibilities. 

He is too smart for that low position. 


He is smart enough to do the job. 

She is old enough to vote. 

I'm stupid enough to fall for this. 


A. Fill in the blanks using either Enough or Too. 

1. The Nile is _________ wide to swim. 

2. I didn't drink my coffee because it was __________ hot. 

3. I was knowledgeable __________ to run this department. 

4. He is __________ lazy to get the job done. 

5. It's __________ difficult to read; I don't understand it at all. 

6. This car is __________ expensive for me to buy. 

7. You are strong __________ to life this up. 

8. This phone is __________ advanced for my parents to use. 


B. Choose the best answer

1. I don't have ____________________________ . Please call me as soon as possible!

  • ​Enough time for this

  • Too time for this

2. John is too ______________________ for this position. We should find someone else as soon as possible.

  • Lazy and ignorant 

  • Smart and hardworking 

3. How dare you? You are not _________________ to leave a comment on this matter. 

  • Educated enough

  • Too educated 

4. The weather is __________________ to play soccer. Let's do it next week!

  • Too cold

  • Cold enough

5. You need to contact him as soon as possible! He is _______________ to help you with this matter.

  • Kind enough

  • Too kind

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