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Electric scooters are all over the place, yet they fail to meet expectations!

If you live in Fort Lee, NJ and work in Midtown Manhattan, electric scooters can seriously change the game for your daily commute. They're super affordable, costing you next to nothing, and you can get to work in about 45 minutes. Plus, crossing the GW Bridge and cruising along a dedicated bike lane all the way to Midtown is absolutely awesome and totally safe. It's an incredible way to commute, no doubt about it!

But when it comes to range and battery life, most scooters just don't live up to expectations, you I've tried two different scooters, and they both promised a range of around 25 miles on a single charge, but they couldn't deliver.

Despite its limitations, I must say I really enjoyed my Segway G30LP. It provides a remarkably comfortable ride, even if it can't go faster than 18 miles per hour. The G30LP has a premium feel to it, and the fact that it falls under the $1000 mark makes it a great option, especially for those living in Manhattan. However, if you have to commute to Manhattan using the GW Bridge, it's probably wise to consider the G30P with its extended range.

One major issue with inexpensive scooters is their tendency to catch fire, often due to overcharging and the use of non-standard batteries. In fact, there have been multiple cases in New York where certain buildings have even banned electric bikes and scooters altogether. To ensure safety and compliance with standards, the best option is to invest more in a higher-quality scooter. The Segway G30P is an excellent choice!

Segway G30P Segway G30PL

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